My name is Nebojsa (Miladin) Kostresevic. I was born on August 15, 1973 in Banja Luka( Bosnia and Hercegovina), where I finished Elementary (Middle) and High school.

I started working on Nezavisna television (NTV)  on September 25,1996.

I finished special training for a cameraman (September 1996 - October 1998) in “Centre for researching and education RTS (Radio Television Serbia)”. My mentor was Predrag Zubovic, and teachers Ivan Dabcevic and Vlastimir Brankovic. From ‎1998  to 2003 During that time I proved myself filming with different materials for information redaction, travelling reports, interviews, cultural features, advertisements, music videos, fashion shows, sport events, etc. I filmed three movies: ”Mejdan Simeuna djaka ”, ”Akcija tigar” and “Brbljivica”. I also filmed TV series: ”Zene,ljudi i ostali” (18 episodes), and documentaries:”Kuca puna sunca”and ”Na Drini Cuprija”. My work was overseen by “Internews

The experience gained behind the camera I started to transfer to my photos. My wish is to capture some details, events and beautiful motives. I first started capturing nature motives and animals, and then the spectar expanded. After seven  years and more than 1000 different photos, I own my photo sait necessary equipment and an undying wish to capture amazing moments every single day. On my site you can see my photographs.

In 2018 I had my first solo photography exhibition. from then until today I have had ten of my solo exhibitions both in BiH and in Serbia.


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