My name is Nebojsa (Miladin) Kostresevic. I was born on August 15, 1973 in Banja Luka, where I finished Elementary (Middle) and High school. I started working on Nezavisna television (NTV) on September 25,1996. I finished special training for a camera-man (September 1996 – October 1998) in “Centre for researching and education RTS (Radio Television Serbia)”. My mentor was Predrag Zubovic, m.ee. and teachers Ivan Dabcevic and Vlastimir Brankovic. From ‎1998 to 2003 I was a head of camera-man on NTV (Independent Television Banja Luka). During that time I proved myself filming with different materials for information redaction, travelling reports, interviews, cultural features, advertisements, music videos, fashion shows, sport events, etc. I filmed three movies: ”Mejdan Simeuna djaka ”, ”Akcija tigar” and “Brbljivica”. I also filmed TV series: ”Zene,ljudi i ostali” (18 episodes), and documentaries:”Kuca puna sunca”and ”Na Drini Cuprija”. My work was overseen by “Internews”. In 2003 I established my own agency “REC PRODUCTION” which primary job is filming, montage and production of TV shows. TV shows ”Stil”, ”Bleff”, ”Bon apetit”, ”Old Cafe” and ”Volim sport” are one of the moste watched TV shows on 5 TV stations in Republic of Srpska and have a big audience in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Three years ago, I started with photography. My wish is to capture some details, events and beautiful motives. I first started capturing nature motives and animals, and then the spectar expanded. After three years and more than 700 different photos, I own my photo studio, necessary equipment and an undying wish to capture amazing moments every single day. On my site www.shutterkole.com you can see my photographs, you can recommend what would you like to see on this site, and I will grant your wish. You can buy photos you like.